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Come back!

Hiiiiii! I'm come back! Too many things to say....and I don't even know how to start! Well my trip in London was absolutely awesome, London is a very beautiful city and I do like it. Of couse I'll come back there, maybe during Christmas period. I've taken a lot of pictures, and I'd like to show time.
As you see I've changed the layout, not so much. This time is about Bella and Edward, I was influenced by Breaking Dawn. Yes, I have it, and I've already finished it. No comment! I don't want to spoiler you. Well maybe the quotes of the blend is a little bit spoiler....Never mind, it doesen't say so much. Hope you like the new header, it have taken me a lot of time to make it. I'm satisfied, always.
I've also seen a new tv-shows, and I'm really fond of it. Of course you know The Tudors. I've made a lot of icon about it....well all about a character of the show. He is Charles Brandon, (Henry Cavill) and despite his hotness and beauty, he's a relly good character especially in the second season. I love him.
So I'd better post the icons.

37 Twilight - some from Penelope's preview
17 Charles Brandon - The Tudors first season
20 Charles Brandon - The Tudors second season
12 Charles Brandon - Animated icons

And now I was in the story with himCollapse )
Tags: actors: henry cavill, books: twilight, tvshow: the tudors
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