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The Haunting | Ery@lj

I was struck by a bullet of sadness. I covered the wound with chewing gum.

01. Ery

21 years. Italian. Dreamer. She hates her shyness. She studies Graphic Design at Rome. In loves with Photoshop. She spends her time watching too many tv-shows, movies and drinking coffee. London is her second home, though she loves the sun and not the rain.Snow is just perfect. 30 Seconds to Mars. Breaking Benjamin. Kamelot. Harry Osborn is her husbund. Japan is her dream and she wishes to have a Katana from Hattori Hanzo. James Franco, Alex O'Loughlin and Ben Barnes own her heart. She could watch Meet Joe Black, Titanic, Star Wars, Tristan+Isolde countless time. Kings broke her heart, but still it remains the best tvshow ever. Hawaii Five-0 and Mcdanno appreciation life. Veritas The Quest was her first favourite tvshow and Moonlight is the latest one. Boone was the only reason to watch Lost. She gets obsessed with too many things and people. Jared Letois an example.
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